The importance of keeping your medication list up to date

The importance of keeping your medication list up to date

image2Once you have used MedOClock for some time, it can be easy to forget to update your list of medications. An erroneous list of drugs or faulty reminders can lead to some serious health problems.

Taking the wrong dose of medicine, or at an incorrect frequency can have a major impact on your health. Some drugs have very specific instructions to ensure better efficiency and to minimise some side effects.

Also, if you use MedOClock to send your list of medication to health professionals, you must be sure it is complete and updated. This information enables health professionals to give you the most appropriate treatment in addition to ensuring that there will be no adverse effect related to your list of current medications.

Whenever you have a new appointment, take the time to update your list of medications to avoid these problems by following these simple guidelines:

  • From the main menu, select “My Med Clock” and then “Add”. Click the next “Add” button that is next to the name of the user concerned.
  • Next to the drug in question, you will see a “Add” button. Click on it and select “Edit” to update the information. Do not forget to click “Add” once the updated information to save the new information.
  • If you stop taking medication, you can simply select “Delete” instead of the “Edit” button.

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