Send Your Medication List In A Jiffy

Send Your Medication List In A Jiffy

image2Do you ever find yourself in a waiting room, filling out a paper form that asks you for a complete list of all your medications, trying unsuccessfully to find enough room for all of them while hoping to remember the dosage of each one?

MedOclock simplifies your life, and your health care practitioner’s!

Once you have added all your medications with their correct dosage as well as your reminders for the times at which you take your medication, it is possible to send your list to any health care professional in less than 30 seconds.

To send your list of medications by email to a healthcare professional, you should follow these steps:

  1. From the main menu, select “Med List”
  2. Select the user for which you want to send the list by choosing the small arrow to the right of the name.
  3. Add the email address of the recipient in the address space, and click “Send”.

That’s it! We even suspect that your doctor will thank you.

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