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You can picture it: You are sitting in a meeting or the line pick up the kids and you suddenly panic. What does the calendar on the fridge say? Do the kids see the dentist today after school or is it next week? Maybe if you concentrate enough you can see the date on the calendar in your minds eye.  Or maybe you realize that – yep, once again, you have forgotten to take your pills. You know what your doctor will have to say about that! If only you had a pill timer! You need MedOClock® , the android pill reminder app.

MedOClock® , the android pill reminder application, is a pill timer that allows you to manage your healthcare for your entire family. This the android pill reminder app allows you to add users, their medications, healthcare provider contact details, medical appointments, notes for your use or to remind you what you want to ask your doctor and emergency contact details as well as being your very own pill timer.

MedOClock® , the android pill reminder app, is very easy to install and configure:

  • Download the pill timer application from your smartphone from the app store button you use to download all of your applications. Or you can download the pill timer app directly from the Apple or Android stores if you go to the MedOClock website and click on the links provided. MedOClock® , the pill timer app, downloads like all your other apps – click buy or install, enter your password, and then open.

  • Once you have downloaded the pill timer app, you will want to set up users. From the home screen of your android pill reminder app you can chose My MedOClock®.  Then click ADD at the top of the screen, followed by click ADD USER. Once you fill in the information requested, be sure to click SAVE. It is fast and easy.

Now that you have downloaded the android pill reminder application and have it set-up for your users, you no longer have to manage your family’s health on scraps of paper and appointment cards lost at the bottom of your handbag or briefcase. Nor should you. Your health and the health of your loved ones is too important. You will want to take full advantage of all of the features of the android pill reminder app, like the pill timer:

  • MedOClock®, the pill timer, lets you set up reminders to take your medication. Choose from a list of pre-populated medications or add your own and the pill timer is set up.

  • Med Contacts is where you put in the name and contact details of all of your healthcare providers in the android pill reminder app.

  • The Emergency Contact section of the android pill reminder app allows you to enter the contact details for the person who should be contacted in the emergency, with an easy push of a button.

  • Med Notes in android pill reminder app is where you put all those things you must remember to ask your doctor or remind yourself to follow-up on in the future.

  • Med List lets you group of your medications and share them easily with others by emailing form the android pill reminder app.

Adding users to the android pill reminder app will let you give your extended support network access to all the invaluable information in your pill timer app – whether it is your babysitter, nanny, teachers, coaches, special needs care-givers, or family and friends. You can put the pill timer app on the smartphone or devices of your children and senior loved ones. Then, when they are out, away from the family, you know they have all the information (including a pill timer!), for people to get them help if they were to need it.

MedOClock® , the android pill reminder app will not only change the way you manage your health it will improve by removing at least one stress in your life!

Download a free version of the pill timer app for iPhone and Android from Apple and Google Play and found out for yourself.

You can also visit the MedOClock® website to get the answers to all of your questions about this great android pill reminder application.

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