Make your nursing home stand out from the rest with the MedOClock pill reminder app.

The pill organizers app, was originally created as a smart pill box – the electronic version of a pill box, for the creator’s father who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease. The pill organizers application was a way his father could be reminded to take medications at the right time and to have all his detailed medical notes with him at all times. It replaced his many hand written pages of pill organizers. The MedOClock pill reminder app has grown to include a fuller range of capabilities, beyond pill organizers, and is being used by more people and organizations such as nursing homes. The core functionality of this pill reminder app includes:

  • Med List – list of medications

  • Med Clock – reminders to take pills (pill organizers)

  • Med Appointments – schedule of doctors appointments

  • Med Notes – notes on medications or special instructions from doctors

  • Med Contacts – names and contact details for doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and other caregivers

  • Emergency Contacts – Name and contact details of person chosen to be contacted in case of emergencies

The pill organizers app can be set up for up to 50 people within your nursing home. Can you imagine all of your staff having an easy to use pill reminder app on their smartphone / device with which they can set up recurring pill organizers for the people in their care? It will reduce the time required to keep paper pill organizers records and check and recheck that staff are on top of who needs to take what medication when.

The MedOClock pill reminder app is simple and fast to install, either from their smartphone / device or the Apple or Android stores. It is as simple as downloading the latest app that they have downloaded in their personal life – this one just happens to be pill organizers. The pill reminder app can be downloaded to their own devices or devices that you issue – depending on your policies. The pill organizers application is intuitive and easy to use which means you do not need to have an expensive training programme in place to teach them how to use the pill reminder app.

But it is not just the staff that will be able to benefit from the pill organizers app .You can also provide the pill reminder app to residents. More and more older people are getting online and seeing the world that opens up to them when they use a tablet. The pill organizers application is easy for nurses to download for residents on their tablets. It is easy for older people to read and use. When using the pill reminder app, they can help keep to their own schedule!

The utility of the pill reminder app does not end at the front door of your nursing home:

  • When you and your residents use this application, you can make sure your seniors have their critical medical information with them at all times.

  • For example, if a family member takes a resident out for the day. If you use the MedOClock pill organizers app, you do not need to worry about whether pills will be taken on time.

  • Emergency medical information will be able at the click of a button.

  • A medication list for each patient can be at the ready to send out via e-mail to health professionals and/or family members.

  • A schedule of reminders for all of their medical appointments is easily entered and managed.

  • Medical information can be emailed to healthcare providers in advance of their appointments.

  • An emergency call button allows anyone to contact their designated person in cases of emergency.

The pill reminder app, is a great way to make your nursing home stand out from the rest. You can show how your nursing home is embracing the technologies available today for pill organizers and more to make sure that you are taking care of loved ones in the most effective and efficient way. And with an operation that runs as smoothly as yours using this pill reminder app, your staff will have more time to spend with the residents to make their days a happy as possible.

Change the way your team manages medications and the sharing of critical healthcare information and see the results. Download the MedOClock pill reminder app from Apple or Google Play.

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