Find out how MedOClock®, the pill organizer, can make organizing the medical information for your family easy.

Parents today face a real challenge – life is face-paced; the information needed to manage their lives are coming at them from every direction; many more mothers work than at any point before; and the idea of the traditional family unit has changed significantly. Parents are expected to manage the schedules, meals, laundry, homework, and not to mention, the health of their entire family!

Parents probably rank the health of their families at the top of their priority lists but only have a small percentage of their time to manage it effectively. Many will keep paper files or notes in their calendars or address books with the names of the doctors and dentists and pharmacists the family uses and notes for who needs to take which medicine when, like a pill organizer. What they need is a pill reminder alarm and more!

With MedOClock®, the pill organizer, it is easy for parents to manage all the information they need to for the entire family easily:

  • The list of medications taken by each member of the family can be added.

  • A pill reminder alarm when medications should be taken can be set-up.

  • The names of the dentists, doctors, pharmacists, and all healthcare professionals that care for the family can be entered.

  • Information from the pill reminder alarm app can be emailed to who-ever needs to use it or to archive it for safe keeping or at a specific point of time.

  • Multiple users can be set-up to use the pill organizer app so that the people who support you – nannies, coaches and teachers – can also access the information if necessary, including the pill reminder alarm.

  • Blended families in which kids spend time at different houses, can have their information in one place for a single version of the truth but access it at both houses.  Just think – one pill reminder alarm!

MedOClock®, the pill organizer, allows parents to organize all of the important medical information for their families in one place. The information, such as the pill reminder alarm, can be accessed by multiple users and it can be shared by email with extended family, care-givers and your support network. Reminders – the pill reminder alarm – can be set-up so you never have the guilt of forgetting to tell your kids to take their medication again.

But MedOClock®, the pill organizer, not only helps the parents and their chosen care-givers manage the family’s health effectively by using the pill reminder alarm. It also can give parents the ease of mind when their kids go out into the wider world on their own by using the pill organizer. Parents tend to worry most about their children when they are away from home and the family. They want to make sure adults wherever their kids may be have the right information, like a pill reminder alarm, for both the day to day needs but even more importantly for those rare emergencies where every second counts. MedOClock®, the pill organizer, can help put parents’ concerns aside:

  • Put the MedOClock® application, the pill organizer, on your kids iPod Touch, iPhone or android device and they will have all of their critical medical information wherever they go.

  • Parents of kids who are getting over an occasional illness, can set the pill organizer app to have a pill reminder alarm to remind kids and their caregivers when it is time to take the required medication.

  • A diabetic child can receive reminders – a shot or pill reminder alarm – for his or her insulin every day, when using the pill organizer, as well as have instructions and contacts in the case of emergency so the teacher, nanny or coach will have all the information they need.

  • Children’s caregivers would even be able to easily contact medical professionals and parents if the kid’s smart phone has service from this pill organizer.

MedOClock®, the pill organizer, is the way for parents to manage all the important medical information for their families. The pill reminder alarm application allows medications and medical contact details to be stored in one place and then shared by allowing multiple users of the app or by emailing information. It is also a handy way to remember that it is time to take medication. MedOClock, the pill reminder alarm, can also make sure that your kid has the information he or she needs to stay safe and healthy no matter where they are in the world.

Download MedOClock®, the pill organizer and pill reminder alarm, for your iPhone, IPod Touch or iPad from Apple today and start managing your family’s medications and medical contact information efficiently – right away!

For more information on the pill organizer and how you can finally gain peace of mind from knowing you have the information you need to keep your family healthy using the pill reminder alarm, visit

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