With the MedOClock iPhone medication reminder app, say goodbye to memory blues!

Can you remember the exact day of your last visit to the dentist? How about the name and exact dosage of the last medication your doctor prescribed? Did you remember to take your pills exactly how and when your doctor told you? If you answered no to any or all of these questions, do not worry! Most people would have to answer no as well. Everyone needs a medication reminder. The MedOClock iPhone medication reminder app, was developed exactly for this reason.

The creator of the MedOClock iPhone medication reminder app, went to visit his father who unfortunately has Parkinson Disease. To manage the disease, his doctors have prescribed several medications that he is supposed to take precisely as directed. He needed a medication reminder. As is common for many patients taking medications to manage a disease, the medications, amounts and time of day were varied to see what works best. This made the need for a medication reminder even greater.

The iPhone medication reminder app creator’s mother and father both had notebooks where they keep notes on what the doctor had told them and questions they had for the doc, directions for medications including changes to the directions and a medication reminder. His mother kept her list, including the medication reminder, in the kitchen and his father kept his medication reminder in the nightstand by his bed. And it seemed like a good system.

However, when the iPhone medication reminder app creator visited his father and took him to the dentist he quickly realized the limitations of the notebook system as a medication reminder. When they checked in for the appointment, the dentist’s assistant asked about any changes to his medications since his last visit. His father responded that there had in fact been changes but there were too many to remember. If only he had his notebook, his medication reminder, but it was at home in his nightstand!

This caused a problem as the dentist assistant said that the dentist would need to know about any and all changes before he could do the work. He needed his medication reminder. It was then and there that the medication reminder creator had the idea for an iPhone medication reminder app.

MedOClock iPhone medication reminder app, solved all of the challenges of the creator’s father by providing a way to have all of his medical information, including a medication reminder, no matter where he was or who he was with.  That is the value of the iPhone medication reminder app. In addition to providing a reminder for people to take their pills (a medication reminder), the iPhone medication reminder app can let the user do a number of other things:

  • List of Medications: Add all medications being taken, either from a pre-populated list or by adding a custom medication and a medication reminder for each pill

  • Notes: Keep notes of instructions from doctors or keep questions for the next appointment in the iPhone medication reminder app.

  • List of Contacts and Appointments: Manage the name and contact details of healthcare providers as well as appointments.

  • Multi-user and Info Sharing: Add additional users and their medication information or for a support network to have access to the same information for one (or multiple!) people. Email medication lists to healthcare providers before a visit right from the iPhone medication reminder app.

  • Emergency Contact: Keep the name and contact details of the person to reach in case of an emergency, easily accessed from the push of a button, right from the iPhone medication reminder app.

Now you or your support network can enjoy the same benefits of MedOClock medication reminder from the iPhone medication reminder app. Down the application from Apple or Google Plan today and you will be able to quickly move from a paper-based system that stays at home or is not easy to carry around and is easily lost. With the iPhone medication reminder app, you can rest assured that you will always be reminded to take your medications on time and you will have the information you need, when you need it.

Learn more about why the MedOClock iPhone medication reminder app, was created and the many features at http://medoclock.com/why-i-created-med-o-clock-testimonial/

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