The MedOClock medication reminder app adapts to your needs.

Smartphones and tablets are becoming a part of day-to-day life. The growth in device purchases and, critically the applications that give them their functionality is staggering. The growth in health related apps is keeping pace with the market. Healthcare companies, like companies in other markets, will need to find ways to differentiate themselves and to stay on the forefront of data analytics. MedOClock, the medication reminder app and pill dispenser alarm, is being used by people to help manage their own healthcare. This pill dispenser alarm is now available to healthcare companies to be personalized medication reminder app offered to their own customers.

Some would say that we are in a post-PC world, with billions of people carrying mobile devices for most of their waking hours each day. In fact, there are an estimated five billion mobile phone connections in the world right now.

According to New Electronics, “At the beginning of 2013, Apple announced that its customers have downloaded more than 40 billion apps, with more than 20 billion in 2012 alone. One market area growing as fast as any is perhaps the most important – healthcare – and the market research company Research2Guidance claims 247m mobile phone users downloaded a health related app in 2012.”

Already in 2015, the number of users of smartphones and tablets increased by 15%; growth continues even amongst baby boomers.

There is no way around it. Smartphones and tablets are transforming the way we live our lives and importantly – changing the way your customers live their lives.  There was once a time that all of the tools we used – music player, maps, phone, email, documents, flashlights, you name it, were unique physical products. Now, all of that functionality is brought to us by apps on our smartphone or tablet.

And that is true for health care. People used to keep files, notebooks and scraps of paper with their medical information. Or they would use the plastic boxes with the days of the week as their pill dispenser alarm. Whilst that worked well enough for years, it had limitations. Paper files can easily be lost. A piece of paper does not buzz you to remind you to take your pill as would a pill dispenser alarm. Notes can be dispersed. And of course, you have to lug paper around with you, which often mean that you do not have the information you need when you need it, such as a pill dispenser alarm.

That is why MedOClock medication reminder app, was created and is helping our customers today. The medication reminder app allows our customers to create users, note medications being taken, set-up reminders to take pills (pill dispenser alarm), capture and set reminders for doctors appointments, make medical notes, manage healthcare provider contact details, email list of mediations and more. The functionality in MedOClock medication reminder app, which started as a pill dispenser alarm, is always growing; currently the key features are:

  • My Med Clock – user set-up and reminders to take pills (pill dispenser alarm)

  • Med List – list of medications held in the medication reminder app (which is linked to the pill dispenser alarm)

  • Med Appointments – doctors appointments and reminders

  • Med Notes – notes on medications or questions for your next appointment

  • Med Contacts – names and contact details for doctors, pharmacists, dentists and caregivers

  • Emergency Contacts – Name and contact details of person identified to be contacted in case of emergencies, accessible with an easy click on the medication reminder app

The MedOClock medication reminder app and pill dispenser alarm, is now available to your healthcare company. We will work with you to brand and personalize the medication reminder app in the way that will be most helpful and appealing to your customers. That could include personalizing the medication reminder app so the medication list is the products and services that you provide. It could be helping your staff set-up a medication reminder app to push to patients with key information on medication and reminders set-up (pill dispenser alarm). The possibilities are endless with this medication reminder app that is a pill dispenser alarm and more but it provides a real opportunity for you to market your products and services in a way that allows you to keep your edge in the changing market.

Contact us today to discuss the options of personalizing the MedOClock medication reminder app that is a pill dispenser alarm and more in more detail. You can visit us at or contact us at We would be happy to talk with you about how a personalized medication reminder app and pill dispenser alarm for your products and services can help your business, including providing personalized quotes.

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