MedOClock is so easy to use, even your kids can do it!

MedOClock is so easy to use, even your kids can do it!

Photos optimisees pour site MOC 12That’s right! MedOClock is so easy to use, even your own children can learn to use it to take control of their medication and for other important health reminders.

As a parent, your life is already very busy and you have hundreds of things to remember to do every day. Wake up, get the kids ready, don’t forget the lunch, sign that permission slip, bring them to school, and so on. Add medication reminders to that and it’s just one more thing that can get lost in the chaos of your family life. MedOClock is there to help you worry a little but less about pill reminders by making it easy for you to set-up notifications for health-related reminders for you and your whole family.

When your child needs to take medication during the day time and you can’t always be there to make sure it happens correctly, MedOClock can help. Simply install it on an iPod, an iPhone or an Android device that your child or his carer is allow to carry with them. Then, you’ll simply need to set-up the correct reminder alerts and show them how to “tick off” the correct medication once they’ve taken their pill. That’s all!

This means less worry for you when you child is away at school, at a friend’s house, or even away for a few days. You can then use your own app on your own device to check if they have taken their medication. That way, there’s also no need to pester your child or worry and call his carers to see if he did or didn’t take his medication.

Letting your child take care if his own MedOClock reminders also means that you can teach him how to manage his own medications by getting correct reminder alerts when it needs to be taken.

Not only can you add reminder for pills but you can also add reminders for things such as diabetes blood testing and injections, or simpler things like brushing their teeth. Learn how to set-up these times of reminders here.

Also, by setting up an emergency contact in your child’s MedOClock, you can make it easy in case of emergency for your child to get in touch with the right person. A carer, or an occasional babysitter may not necessarily know who to contact other than a parents, and the application allows you to add the right medical contact in case of emergency.

All you need to do is to download MedOClock on your child’s device from the Apple Store or Google Play, then set-up the correct reminders and that’s it. One less thing to worry about leaving you with much more time to enjoy your family life.

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