MedOClock for Caregivers

MedOClock for Caregivers

MedOClock was created and launched in 2012 by Julie Magnan. It all started with a simple visit to the dentist with her father who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. At the start of the appointment, the receptionist asked if his medication has changed since the last visit. Having forgotten the notebook at home where all the important details were written down, they were not able to provide accurate information and had to go back and reschedule the treatment.

We can only imagine that as a caregiver, you might have to deal with similar situations, multiple times per day or per week depending on the number of persons in your care. Having to reschedule appointments simply because of a notebook left at home can be quite troublesome, especially for patients for whom getting around is challenging.

Photos optimisees pour site MOC 18With MedOClock, you can eliminate the worry that vital information is forgotten. You can install the application on each of your patient’s mobile phone, and sync it with your phone or tablet. That way, no matter where your day takes you, you have all the important information you need for every single one of your patients in the palm of your hand.
Other than having an updated list of medication for your patients, MedOClock allows caregivers to enjoy the following functions:

  • image1Add as many users as the number of patients you have, and set pill reminders specific to each person from a single app and update medication changes from your main app.
  • Track whether the patient has taken their medication from your device.
  • Email the list of medication of any of your patient to the right healthcare provider or with a family member.
  • Have an image of your patient’s health care ID in case they forget to bring them at their appointment.
  • Have all the contact information of the health care providers you often visit.
  • Create an emergency contact in each of your patient’s device so that they can give you a call when they need help with a simple click of a button.
  • Allow your patients to write notes with any questions they may have for you so that you can address all their concerns during your visit.

The MedOClock team also offers the options to personalize your app depending on your specific need and those of your business. Get in touch with us to see how we can make your day simpler with our pill reminder app.

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