Med OClock: Beyond Medication Reminders

Med OClock: Beyond Medication Reminders

Med OClock is an application that helps you remember when to take your medication, but it can also be used to add other daily reminders that help improve and maintain good health.

For inspiration, here’s a list of healthy things you can add to your Med OClock reminders:

medoclock-drink-waterPhoto credit: Dave Johnston

1) Drink water

Several health professionals* recommend to drink about 2 litres of water every day. For your convenience, add 4 reminders through your day that indicate taking a bottle of 500 mL. When the reminder rings again, fill up your bottle, and finished the previous one if it has not been emptied yet.

2) Take vitamins, fish oil or other supplements

In addition to medication reminders, it’s also possible to add reminders for taking vitamins and supplements that help you stay healthy including mutli-vitamins, fish oil, homeopathic remedies and much more. It all simply depends your own personal situation.

3) Go for a walk

Or a bike ride, a jog, a yoga class or any other physical activity that can easily be practiced every day. You can also limit physical activities a few times a week if your workout is more intense, but remember to get some fresh air every day. Health Canada ** explains that physical activity has many benefits including a healthy growth and development in addition to reducing risks of developing certain conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Photo credit: RelaxingMusic

4) Meditate

Put some time aside in your busy schedule to meditate, relax or visualise can also allow you to stay healthy. The Canadian Association for Mental Health *** claims that a daily meditation practice can be sufficient to combat chronic stress.

To add these types of recalls or other different types of medications, simply follow the instructions mentioned in this article as you would for an ordinary medicine, but substitute the name of the drug for an activity and the dose for the amount or duration of time.

Have you added other types of reminders on your Med O’Clock application? Share your tips with us in the comments.

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