iPhone pill reminder MedOClock: Features and updates

Whether you have an occasional illness or something chronic that you have to live with throughout your life, your doctor will tell you that you should take the medication he or she has prescribed exactly as it is prescribed. This means that you should take it on time and every time. But even when we are at our best, it is hard to remember to do everything. When we are under the weather, it makes it that much harder to coordinate taking our medications at the right time. MedOClock, the iPhone pill reminder, takes that stress away by being your app pill reminder.

The iPhone pill reminder MedOClock is an app pill reminder that allows you to set up reminders to take your medication when you need to take it. The iPhone pill reminder comes with an extensive list of medications included for you to choose from when setting up alerts. However, if you do not find the medication you are looking for in the app pill reminder, you can quickly and easily set-up a custom medication in the iPhone pill reminder.

But that is not all MedOClock, the iPhone pill reminder, can do for you. In addition to reminders to take your pills, it can do much more. We are constantly looking for way to improve the iPhone pill reminder MedOClock. We make updates to make using the app pill reminder easier. We fix any reported bugs. We add new features. We are constantly modifying and enhancing the application. With the latest release of MedOClock, the iPhone pill reminder, there are six key features of the application:

1 – My Med Clock

The My Med Clock feature within the iPhone pill reminder Med Clock is the key to setting up users and selecting the medications and reminders related to each user. This will be the first feature you use when you get started with MedOClock, the app pill reminder.

2 – Med Appointments

The Med Appointment feature within MedOClock, the app pill reminder, helps you keep all of your healthcare appointments straight. Simply add your next appointment to MedOClock and set up a reminder. You will never forget a doctor’s appointment again when you use the app pill reminder! And you can make notes associated with the appointment such as to remind yourself that your doctor asked you not to eat the night before a test.

3 – Med List

The MedOClock Med List feature in the iPhone pill reminder gives you the ability to group a set of your medications and email that list to the person you specify, all with just a few clicks in the app pill reminder. Users of the app pill reminder use this feature for a variety of purposes. Moms can email a list of medications to the camp doctor so she knows her son or daughter will take any necessary medications. Some email their latest list of medications to their dentist a few days before their appointment. Others will email their list of medications before going to a new specialist, as they know they will be asked. The possibilities are endless when using the app pill reminder!

4 – Med Notes

The Med Notes feature within the iPhone pill reminder MedOClock gives you the ability to add notes. The notes allow ‘free text’ as you are literally free to include whatever you think is important for managing your health. You can jot down what the doctor is telling you during your appointment or what you want to ask your doctor when you see him or her next. You can make notes of how you feel day to day or you can capture any special instructions that came with your medication in your app pill reminder. It is up to you what you want to capture; MedOClock, the app pill reminder, provides you the way to capture it.

5- Med Contacts

The Med contacts feature in your app pill reminder allows you to add all of your healthcare contacts in one easy location. Your contacts could include your doctor, pharmacists, specialist, alternative healers and dentists – whoever you want to be able to contact in managing your health. You may add the contact’s name, phone number, email address and mailing address in your app pill reminder. You can also identify one person to be your person to call in case of emergency with the click of a button.

6 – Emergency Contacts

The Emergency Contacts feature of the iPhone pill reminder, when selected, calls the person you have identified to be contacted when there is an emergency. This feature reduces the time lost searching for your emergency contact in your long lists of contacts, which is important when time is of the essence.

Take advantage of all of the latest updates and new features on MedOClock, iPhone pill reminder. Download updates for your app pill reminder from the Apple store and Google Play or directly from your device.

To learn more about the latest updates and new features of the iPhone pill reminder MedOClock, visit www.medoclock.com/updates-med-o-clock-the-smart-pillbox/. You can also stay up to date with all the latest from MedOClock, the iPhone pill reminder, on twitter and Facebook. Links can be found on www.medoclock.com

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