I’m leaving on a trip, and in my suitcase I pack… MedOClock!

I’m leaving on a trip, and in my suitcase I pack… MedOClock!

Do you know the children’s game “In my suitcase I pack…” ?

It’s a memory game that asks you to remember everything that was said before it’s your turn. On your turn, you say the famous phrase, repeat the item that were already mentioned, and then you must add an item of your own. It’s keep going until a person is no longer able to remember all the items. The winner is the last person who is able to remember, by memory, the entire list created by the previous players.


In everyday life, when you lack of time or preparation, it’s easy to prepare for a trip using a mental list of items to take, as you do in the children’s games. However, the risk of forgetting important things like your medication is much higher if you have not taken the time to make a list to remind you of all the elements to add to your suitcase.

Using MedOClock when you travel, you just have to see your full medication list from your mobile application to make sure you don’t forget to take any necessary medication when it comes to storing your toiletries.

Also, by bringing MedOClock with you, you’ll receive your pill reminders at the right time, which is especially useful when you’re traveling and too busy having fun, or when the time differences requires an adjustment for the hour at which you normally take your medication.

Finally, if you miss one of your very important medication and only realise it once at your destination, you can consult a doctor or a pharmacist and simply show them, or send them by email your complete list of drugs so that they can allow you to obtain the right prescription.

Once again, MedOClock comes to the rescue. This time, it helps you organise your medications for a great start to your trip so you can spend more time enjoying your travels instead of worrying about your health. Simply download the FREE app via iTunes or the Google Play Store.

Bon Voyage!

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