MedOClock, the Android medical app: Say goodbye to memory blues!

Many people find it hard to remember to take their medications on time or even at all. Everyone knows that to get better, you need to take your medication. And according to doctors and pharmacists, taking your medication at the prescribed times ensures better results. So you know it is important to take your pills and to take them on time but you still struggle to do it properly. You know what you need – it is a pill reminder app!

That is exactly what is MedOClock – the android medical app that is a pill reminder app. It will help you to reminder not only to take your medication but to take it on time. It probably sounds like a pretty good app but you might be wondering what exactly it is. Here is a short overview of what MedOClock, the pill reminder app, can do:

  • This android medical app is a custom app that helps with the management of your medication with reminders. Simply put in your list of medications into the pill reminder app and you will receive a notification when you need to take your pills.

  • But it is more than a pill reminder app; this is a personalized app that allows you to manage all of your medical contacts. Add in the name and contact details of your medical contacts and the android medical app will store them all for you in one easily accessible place.

  • The android medical app, can be used for more than just one user too. So it is not only a pill reminder app for you, but it can be used for include information for your entire family and / or be used to manage your medications by your family as well as your trusted care-givers.

  • This android medical app can even help you make appointments for your entire family with just a few clicks. Simply send an email from the contact list to get your appointments.

  • This android medical app will quickly become THE SOURCE of information on the health of each user and the people to contact in case of emergency. You can ensure that you always have the necessary information on you if you have your pill reminder app with you.

  • Sending information from your android medical app is a sure way to make sure this important information can be archived, by sending the Med List by email before modifying it.

  • With one “click”, MedOClock, the pill reminder app, allows you to send a list of all your medications and dosages from your android medical app to a family member or to your health care professional.

It probably sounds pretty handy, not only as a pill reminder app but as a multi-functional android medical app. But it is more than just handy; it could be vitally important to managing the health of your loved ones. It could even save your life:

  • In times of emergency or panic, we cannot always remember our list of prescribed medications, medical appointments nor all the names of our physicians consulted. MedOClock, the pill reminder app, comes to the aid of our memory in a single “click”.

  • If you are taken ill and unable to communicate with your family or health care professional, MedOClock the android medical app, is your personal portable health database allowing instant access to critical pre-triage information.

Do not rely on your memory, let MedOClock, the android medical app, remind you that it is time to take your medication. Download a free version of your personal pill reminder app for iPhone on the Apple site and Android on Google Play.

Your health is too important to leave to chance. This android medical app reminder can make sure you never take a chance with your own health or the health of your loved ones. The pill reminder app will make sure you take your pills on time and more.

You can access a lite version that will let you tour the android medical app for free or you can download the full version which will give you all of the functionality described here on your pill reminder app. The lite version is free and the full version is available for a small fee.

For more information about the android medical app that is a pill reminder app, go to

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