2015 Trends: Healthy Changes to Your Diet

2015 Trends: Healthy Changes to Your Diet

Over two thousand years, Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine! “ Although today’s modern medicine means that we have developed drugs that can treat diseases that were incurable at the time of Hippocrates, it still remains important to think about the food we eat as a source of energy and well-being for our bodies.

A change of diet to create healthier habits seems to be one of the most important concerns for the health of people, globally. The latest version of the Nielsen Global Survey (Q3, 2014) shows that while several people set a goal to lose weight this year, many hope to reach that goal simply by changing their diet (75%) compared to those who wish to use drugs to help them lose weight (7%) or medication prescribed by the doctor (11%).

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For those who take drugs, it will be important to take them as prescribe, meaning at the right time and at the right frequency to have the desired effect. If you are part of that category, don’t forget to add your new medications your pill reminder list on your MedOClock application.

For those who are part of the majority who wishes to change their diet, you can also use the application to give you a helping hand. For example, add some reminders for each portion of fruit and vegetable you need each day to help you meet your daily requirements and eat at the right times instead of just snacking when you feel like doing something, especially if you’re used to snacking when you’re bored or when you need to get an energy boost in the late afternoon.

The most common changes in diets that people wish to make according to the Nielsen Global Survey include:

  • Avoid foods that contain artificial colours and flavours
  • Prioritise meals and snacks made mainly of fruits and vegetables
  • Look for foods high in protein, and whole grains
  • Seek foods high in calcium, vitamins and minerals
  • Reduce their intake of cholesterol, salt, sugar and fat
  • Avoid foods containing corn syrup, caffeine and gluten
  • Buy local and organic products

Note that these changes are simply the new habits that the survey respondents want to create for the next year. Before making changes to your diet, it is advisable to consult your doctor to make sure you start on the right foot and follow recommendations that will be beneficial to your health.

What food habit are important to you? Will you make changes to your diet in 2015?

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