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Hiring a Senior Caregiver? Some Questions to Ask!

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The Pill App with Reminder MedOClock adds French and Spanish Languages.

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Hear about us on the radio!

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MedOClock for Caregivers

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I’m leaving on a trip, and in my suitcase I pack… MedOClock!

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2015 Trends: Healthy Changes to Your Diet

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MedOClock is so easy to use, even your kids can do it!

That’s right! MedOClock is so easy to use, even your own children can learn... read more

Use MedOClock for lasting resolutions

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The importance of keeping your medication list up to date

Once you have used MedOClock for some time, it can be easy to forget... read more

Never forget a medical appointment again!

Also, information specific to your appointment such as the place, the name of the... read more

Send Your Medication List In A Jiffy

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MedOClock To The Rescue! Add An Emergency Contact To Your App

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There’s Something New for Med OClock!

Med OClock got a bit of a makeover just in time for the release... read more

Med OClock: Beyond Medication Reminders

Med OClock is an application that helps you remember when to take your medication,... read more

Inside Med OClock: Creating a User and Adding Reminders

Now that you’ve installed the application, let’s go through the steps for creating and... read more

UPDATE: What’s in Med OClock?

In the last few years, we’ve worked hard to add more features and to... read more

How to Install Med OClock

Take the pain and complexity of medication management away by installing Med OClock. Getting... read more

The medical app Med OClock – The smart Pillbox for the medication management is back with his new website!

The first easy-to-use smart pillbox application for your medication management (available for iPhone, iPod... read more

Frequently Asked Questions
"How do i create a profil on MedOClock ?"
Frequently Asked Questions
"How do i add a user profile ?"
Frequently Asked Questions
"How do i add a medication and it's reminder ?"
Frequently Asked Questions
"How do i add a contact ?"
Frequently Asked Questions
"How do i add an appointement ?"
Frequently Asked Questions
"How do i send my list of medication by email ?"

FREE mobile application easy to use for people of all ages

  • Easy to set-up.
  • You can simply set-up recurring reminders for all your medications.
  • Gives instant access to medical information.
  • Send your list of medications to medical personnel by email.
  • Add an emergency contact that you can reach fast.
  • Set calendar reminders for all of your medical appointments.
  • Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and all Android devices.
  • Several users can use it, for the whole family.
  • in English, French and Spanish.

So long paper! Have all the info you need on your mobile.

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